Corporate Overview

As an innovative hi-tech brand, AMEMO specializes in the R&D, production and sale of external batteries for 3C devices. Underpinned by our firm commitment to innovation and the application of cutting-edge external battery technologies, we independently develop and market our products worldwide.

These distinguishing features make us a leading brand in the global 3C external battery industry.Our patented products have won dozens of awards and titles globally and reached more than 40 countries worldwide thanks to our strong reputation and brand position for our superior service and product quality.

We always strive to deliver on our commitments to customers: innovative energy-saving technology, world-leading design, and high quality user experience.

Since our inception, we have incorporated the concept of being smart, fast, user-friendly and world-leading into every step of our R&D and design procedures. We aim to offer highly innovative 3C external batteries for customers, as well as high quality services, and shopping and customer experience. We seek to build a trustworthy brand that can reassure customers by creating an incredibly easy and enjoyable lifestyle for them.

Bradn concpet

We are working towards our vision of bringing people joy and happiness through outstanding battery technologies.

This represents a nice yet feasible goal that may reshape the way people live, how you connect with people, how far you see, how far you go and more.

In our daily lives, snapshots, voices, memories, smiles and landscapes will all be recorded using this technology, but how?

Impressive improvement in the industry is catalyzed by technical innovations, without which dreams will never come true.

We do not want to daydream.Instead, we are focused on technology;We seek to develop innovative external battery technologies.

To date, we have won dozens of awards and titles globally. Our unrivaled eUSB technology is now ushering in a new era for the external battery industry.

We will continue to expand our success in the field.

We believe we can build more fun into our products;

We believe we can develop external batteries that are smaller, faster, more powerful and durable, and much more!

We create, you enjoy!

Enjoy Charging, technical AMEMO!