We design, produce and use our products with the environment in mind. At AMEMO, we fulfill our commitment to the environment by minimizing environmental impact, increasing environmental awareness, and promoting low-carbon economic and sustainable development. Our ultimate aim is to live in harmony with the environment.

The best environmental approach is definitely producing eco-friendly products. Therefore, we minimize material consumption and product packages and make our products free of toxic substances. Despite our rapid development, we remain focused on energy saving and resources recycling as part of our commitment to the environment.
(Production; shipping; use; recycling; more)


We incorporate green concepts into every aspect of our business from corporate culture to the design and manufacturing of products. As part of the business philosophy, we make our products smaller, thinner and lighter. For example, our MUI-AC90 measures 108(l) x 65(w) x 18.5(h)mm, which is less than half the size of an ordinary adapter and weighs a meager 215g. Additionally, the gadget saves materials by up to 37% and produces 4.5% less carbon emissions compared with similar products.

Of course, going green reaches far beyond saving materials. Our products must be environmentally-friendly, which in turn shapes one of our major environmental policies – keeping our raw and packaging materials free of toxic substances. Towards this goal, we implement a set of strict standards for selecting green materials. For example, we use recyclable ABS+PC materials to make casings for our products and recyclable fabrics to package products.

Eco-friendly processes and facilities also play an important role in green production, which in turn contributes to our environmental protection efforts.
(37% less materials, 4.5% less carbon emission, smaller packaging)


Our optimized package design not only saves materials, but also simplifies the shipping procedure, giving a boost to our environmental commitment. At AMEMO, we will continue to design smaller and greener packages. As a typical example, the package for our MUI-AC90 is 40% smaller than our rival products, which translates into 70% more load in each shipment. This facilitates shipping and cuts CO2 emissions.
(Up to 70% more products can be packed in a shipping case)


Energy efficiency serves as an important gauge of green external batteries. To maximize energy efficiency, we use the state-of-the-art polymer lithium as the major ingredient of our products. Combined with the multi-IC circuit protection system, this material increases the energy efficiency by up to 95% while eliminating the possibility of overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and overcharge that may cause a waste of energy.

ENERGY STAR-certified, our full line of products are green and powerful.
(95% more energy efficient)


Our products retain value at the end of their lifecycle. As a responsible producer, we work closely with environmentalists to improve our world. All our products can be recycled more than 500 times. If properly recycled and treated, some of the used materials can be reused in new batteries.
(Can be recycled more than 500 times)